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Your money can work for you while you sit back and chill. We offer market leading interest rates, on very flexible maturity tenors.

Earn 20 - 30% p.a on your money.

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Nodcredit Invest - How it works.

Sign up on NodCredit, using your BVN and other matching details. Confirm your registration.

Access your account and click on the invest menu link, enter your preferred interest rates & tenor.

Make investment deposit via card or bank deposit. Sit back and watch your money grow.

Frequently Asked Questions on Investment

How can we help you?

We are always here to help whenever you might have some questions! You can check our frequently asked questions and also contact us via email or call us on +234 818 8150 981

You can earn good returns on your investments with us. Nodcredit makes your money work for you while you earn good returns. Pre-liquidation, either fully or part liquidation is on demand, instant and completely automated. See our terms of service for charges and other conditions.
We credit our investors instantly when their investments mature or if the investment is liquidated before maturity. However, for large investments it may take up to 3 – 5 working days for funds to reach the investors bank account.
You can place funds with Nodcredit for 92 days, 184 days and 365 days. The minimum tenor is 92 days and the maximum tenor is 365 days.
Our interest rates vary from time to time, you can find applicable rates for chosen tenor when you register and sign in to a Nodcredit account.
Interests are calculated on a per annum basis, and payable at maturity or when the investment is liquidated.
We charge 40% on the interest earned if you liquidate your investment before maturity. Your principal sum is not affected in any case.
Yes, you can negotiate investments above certain amount; send an email to us at
We disburse thousands of loans to Nigerians weekly and we are growing daily. Investments on Nodcredit helps us reach more people and drive consumer finance in Nigeria. All Investments are on Nodcredit as an entity. Investment on Nodcredit only shares similar features as a fixed term deposit.
Yes, you can. Our goal is to drive consumer finance and boost economic activities. If you want to do the same, send us an email at