Products Referrals

1. NodCredit.com is a licensed Money Lender. We provide Nano loans to support low and middle income earners to meet urgent cash needs. We analyze bank records and validate BVN to take credit decisions. As part of our growth plan, our investors can access their Investment profile online via nodcredit.com/invest, these investors can decide to add to existing investments or make liquidation requests subject to agreed terms and conditions.

Please note that the rates offered by NodCredit.com is not reflective of current Fixed Income rates in Nigeria. Our rates are based on NodCredit's lending rates, current NPL ratio and operating costs, if you want to use our website to make private investments, please ensure you are qualified to take investment decisions, or you have been properly advised by a professional. Registered Investment firms in Nigeria are Banks, SEC licensed firms and other financial institutions operating under the BOFIA act of 1991 and amended subsequently. Partners and Investors outside Nigeria can use our innovative forward exchange clause to mitigate exchange rate risk if you choose to explore opportunities offered on nodcredit.com/invest.

Referral rewards

1. Nodcredit offers interested customers an opportunity to earn twice on their willingness to introduce our products to friend and acquaintances - we pay a fixed monetary reward for each successful referral and an ongoing reward per quarter over investment made in the first year by referrals. We determine at any point what passes for a successful referral.

Our referral program can be discontinued with only an email notice to participating customers and we reserve the right to cancel rewards payouts after an arbitrary period before shutter.


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